Current Exhibitions

Samuel Lynne Galleries is pleased to host the exhibition “Through Time” for sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp on view from March 4 through April 3, 2017.

Hans Van de Bovenkamp has been an integral figure in the international art scene for over 50 years. Recognized for his monumental sculpture, which is often installed in open-air public locations, Van de Bovenkamp takes much of his inspiration from myth, symbol, and nature. Viewing art as a “dialogue between matter and spirit,” Van de Bovenkamp uses his artwork to invoke feelings of awareness and revelation amongst observers.

“Through Time” will be showcasing work from Van de Bovenkamp that spans nearly 30 years, and transcends the expected conventions of sculpture. Ranging from intimate works to monumental sculptures, viewing Van de Bovenkamp’s art is a transformative experience that is carried with us through time.