Current Exhibitions

Samuel Lynne Galleries is pleased to host the exhibition “Buddha Goes Punk” for fine art sculptor Metis Atash on view from May 13th through June 24th, 2017.

The gallery will present a showcase of her stunning “Funky Buddha” and “Punk Buddha” sculptures. Atash’s creations combine conceptual, minimalist, and pop art traditions. Her devotion for art, design, and fashion is apparent in her one-of-a-kind sculptures that award their living spaces with an aura of captivating experience. Sculpted in fiberglass, covered with acrylic paint, and meticulously bathed by hand in upwards of 20,000 Swarovski crystals, this collection embodies the artist’s life journey, and her associations to Daoism. The objects of her work are based on the spiritual being, and these Buddha sculptures are inspired by ancient Daoist teachings. “Dao” translates to “path” or “way of life” and Atash has ensured that her creations reflect this property. They are also a reflection of her respect for Haute Couture, as well as contemporary art history. Each “Punk Buddha” is named for an iconic figure in fashion and art – from Basquiat to Balmain, Warhol to Hermes, Kusama to Chanel. With their dazzling exteriors, each resting figure is aimed to be perceived as the mirror of our eternal souls.