Philip J. Romano

For over thirty years, painting has been a passion for entrepreneur Philip J. Romano. As a restaurateur, humanitarian, and author, Romano always had a passion for painting, giving away his artwork to his friends and family who showed enthusiasm for his talent. When he met JD Miller, he found a sense of definition in his work through the concept of the Reflectionist school, which explores the theory that the universe reflects back what one puts out. These views have always been at the core of Romano’s humanitarian and philanthropic efforts. He applies his worldview directly to the custom made, oversized canvases upon which he works, the only medium that mirrors his characteristically grand ideas. His paintings reflect a “larger than life” style of contemporary boldness through dramatic use of color. Emotionally attached to his artwork, he insists on meeting the buyers of his paintings to see who will be “adopting” his artwork. He says that, “I always wanted to meet the artist when I purchased his or her art because I wanted to make sure good vibes would be in my home.”

Romano is a native of New York and attended Florida Atlantic University before moving to Dallas, Texas. He has created six new restaurant concepts: Fuddruckers, Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Spageddies, Cozymel’s, Rudy’s Country Store and Barbeque, and EatZi’s Market and Bakery. His concepts generate more than a billion dollars a year and to date have produced over $10 billion in revenue. In addition to serving on the Board of Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business and multiple boards of businesses that he helped create, Romano also lectures at universities throughout the country and spends a large portion of his time involved in various charitable ventures.