JD Miller

JD Miller’s paintings engage with the senses in a unique way. Through the application of his trademark 3-D oil technique, Miller utilizes color, texture, and shape to reflect his life’s journey.

Miller was born in California in 1953 and moved to Texas one year later. He spent his childhood studying music, and after high school he traveled the U.S. for two years as a nightclub singer/songwriter. In 1980, he completed his B.S. at the University of North Texas, followed by two years of graduate study in sculpture and ceramics. He then completed a seven-year apprenticeship with master painter, Liz Richardson, who studied at Royal Academy of London.

In October 2004, Miller co-founded the Reflectionist school, which is comprised of a group of artists who create work based on the Law of Attraction. The Reflectionists focus on extruding positive  energy and translating those experiences into art.

“I call myself a Reflectionist artist because I believe that the universe mirrors each of us in a unique way. My Goal as an artist is to interpret that phenomenon, and my art is a multidimensional reflection of life and the way I perceive the world.” – JD Miller

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