Hans Van De Bovenkamp

Born in Holland in 1938, Hans Van De Bovenkamp entered into the School of Architecture in 1958, continuing onto the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor later that year. Hans graduated in 1961 with a Bachelor of Science and Design. Following Hans’ move to New York, he became a part of the 10th street gallery co-op movement in the 1960s’. Hans takes much of his inspiration from myth, symbol, and nature. This inspiration partially derives from the time he spends in his residence in the Hamptons.
Over the course of his career, Hans has been the recipient of such distinguished awards as the Emily Lowe Sculpture Award (1964) and the Best Sculpture Award (2003) as awarded by Guild Hall in East Hampton, New York. Hans is also part of the permanent collections of City University of New York, Stony Brook University, Texas A&M, University of Missouri, Jing’an Park in Shanghai, Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami, the Butler Institute of American Art, Lowe Art Museum, Boca Baton Museum of Art, and Miami University Art Museum.

Hans’ sculptures are in the private collections of the Tuft family, and he is additionally represented in the corporate collections of Neiman Marcus, the Gergetown Plaza Building, the Hyatt Regency, Louis Meisel, and the Manhattan House. Hans Van de Bovenkamp has also been in a number of group as well as solo exhibitions, including Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (1964), Oakland Museum (1982), Chicago Art Fair (1988), Shanghai Art Fair (2011), Bernarducci Meisel Gallery (2011), and Samuel Lynne Galleries (2014). Hans continues to split his time between New York City and his residence in Sagaponack in the Hamptons where he is able to work on and display his monumental sculptures.

“I find myself working towards an art which includes a spiritual dimension. I have become increasingly aware of art as a dialogue between matter and spirit. In recent works, I have emphasized myth, symbol and dream to evoke an atmosphere in which the sculpture and its environment speak to the subconscious to make the observer aware of the dreamlike nature of life, of which we all are part.” – Hans Van de Bovenkamp

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